Blog Post #7: NU Students on the 2016 Presidential Election

The main remaining candidates for President of the United States (clockwise from top left): Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio. (Image courtesy of

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY – With the 2016 Presidential election coming down to the wire, several Niagara University students shared their thoughts on the race.

Two of the most polarizing figures in the race have been Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump, a political outsider, has seen surging levels of popularity with Republicans, with big wins in both the polls and caucuses. Sanders has rivaled Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, contending with her for the last several months.

One student, Luke, spoke of his surprise in Trump’s level of popularity, though not with Sanders. He also believe that some current policies could use some change.

“I think our current economic system needs some improving,” he said. “Also, domestic policy should be more important than foreign affairs.” Luke also stated that the problem of people not finding jobs in their career path is an issue that he cares about greatly.

Another NU student, Nicholas, was more vocal as to who they will vote for.

“I support Bernie,” Nicholas said. “I don’t trust Hillary, because she’s done a lot of stupid things.”

Nicholas voiced their displeasure with the GOP’s most vocal candidate. “I can’t believe Donald Trump insulted the Pope,” he said.

One student, Joe, said that he wasn’t decided on who he would vote for on Election Day, stating that if he liked one of the remaining two candidates, he may cast a vote for them. Joe also made it a point that he will not be influenced by those around them when it comes time to vote.

“My parents follow politics, but they never try and sway me in any direction,” Joe said. He also wished that individual votes mattered more in the general election, with states like New York and California usually siding Democratic, and Republicans almost always winning states like Texas and Mississippi.

The 2016 Presidential race will be decided this Nov. 8, with the 45th President being sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017.

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Author: Adam Penale

My name is Adam Penale, and I graduated from Niagara University in 2017 with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in history. In 2016, I interned with the Buffalo Bisons, where I wrote game summaries for Baseball is my main interest, with a focus on the New York Yankees, baseball history and the 19th century, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Since July 2017, I have been a freelance writer for the Niagara Gazette.

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